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A stitch in time saves nine they say, but our range of convenient sewing lifesavers have what it takes to save a lot more than that.

An ever-popular category, our sewing product line is our longest-standing and has been a firm favourite with consumers for almost 30 years. Beginners and professionals alike rely on our extensive range of quality products for needlecraft and fashion. Our array of Sewing products are perfect for minor repairs or to help you get lost in quilting, embroidery or cross stitch creation.

Included in the range are:
Shoe Laces Black / Brown, Boot Laces Black / Brown, Football Laces Black / White, Elastic, Safety Pins, 8 Piece Thread Selection, Thread – White / Navy / Black, Assorted Buttons, Sewing Needles, Sewing Kits, Hemming Webb, 25M Hemming Web, Curtain Hooks, Curtain Gliders, Curtain Wire, Hook & Loop Black, Hook & Loop White, Stitch Ripper, Emergency Repair Kit, Laundry pen & 24 Iron on Labels, Berry headed pins 40, Tailors Tape 60”, Universal Sewing Needles & Lint Roller 9.9m Ultra strong.