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Go on, admit it, they’ve earned a treat! From the ever-popular dental sticks to ‘Lolly Pup’ chew toys we have something for that special canine.

Grooming products, fun toys and tasty treats are just some of the best-sellers in our popular and growing pet care range. Our product line is put together with loved family pets and great value for money in mind.

Our high quality, enjoyable and nutritious range has helped enhance the relationship between pet lovers and their pets for generation-upon-generation.

Included in the range are:
Knotted Rope, Bark-a-Ball, Booty-licious, Dem Bones, K9 Cones, Lolly Pup, 40 Clean Up Bags, Large Rawhide Knotted Bone, 12pcs Rawhide Twist Stick, Rawhide Baseball, 3pcs Freshmint Munchy Bone, Munchy Sticks, Rawhide Braided Ring, 1pc Smokey Bacon Knotted Bone, 3 Pet Tennis Balls, Ball Launcher, Tuggatoy Rope, 2 Little Soles, 5 Beefy Rolls, 2 Smokey Rolls, 2 Knotted Bones, Pet Brush, Pet Food Fork & Covers, 3 Bag O Bones, Meaty Chops, Tasty Tender with Chicken, Bacon Sizzlers, Rollers with Chicken & Beef, Twisters with Chicken & Beef, Goldfish Flakes & Tropical Fish Flakes.