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From experience, wine with no bottle-opener or beans with no tin opener are no fun. Our simple household range means you can eat and drink when you plan to and even do the dishes afterwards.

The Capitol Home product range can be defined by three things: great quality, great value and great performance. Practical and hard-wearing, this product line has been a mainstay in our offering and in thousands of homes for more than 20 years.

Included in the range are:
Multipurpose  Work Gloves, Disposable Gloves, Stay Fresh Clips, 20M Clothes Line, Household Scissors, Microfibre Cleaning Cloth, Soft Grip Dish Brush, Basin Plug 2’s, 100% Cotton Drying Cloth’s 2’s, Sponge Scourer, Corkscrew, Winged Corkscrew, Can Opener Basic, Can Opener Delux, Soft Grip Dust Pan & Brush, 4 Non-Slip Clothes Hanger, 20 Soft Touch Pegs with Basket, 12 Soft Touch Clothes Pegs, Magic Tree Vaniillaroma, Magic Tree Bouquet, Magic Tree Forest Fresh, Magic Tree New Car Scent, Magic Tree  Spice, Umbrella Mini Compact, Umbrella Mini Compact.