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Do you put off the decorating or hanging that picture until they get time to visit the out of town superstore? If so we may have some good or bad news for you. Our products can have you hard at work in no time!

This durable and professional-standard product range has grown in recent years to encompass a wider range of solutions for common home and office challenges. From mending punctures to hanging curtains and locking up valuables, our product list supports a surprising level of activities.

Included in the range are:
Carpet Tacks, 6 Artist Paintbrush, Paint Brushes 1”, Paint Brushes 1 ½”, Paint Brushes 2”, Paint Brushes 3”, Cup Hooks, Radiator Keys, Trimming Knives, Puncture Outfits, 20mm Padlocks 2’s, 30mm Padlocks, 40mm Padlocks, 50mm Padlocks, Mouse Traps (2), Builders Tape Measure, Tea Lights, Picture Hooks, Oval Adhesive Hook, Adhesive Hooks – Oblong, Adhesive Hooks – Large Chrome Oblong Hooks, Chrome Oval Hooks, 20 Cable Ties, Aluminium LED Torch Display Unit 16, Rubber Torch,  12 Assorted Woodscrews, Assorted Tap Washers, Cable Tidies, Assorted Screws and Nuts, Assorted Picture Hangers, Assorted Nails, Assorted Woodscrews & Assorted Screws and Plugs.