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Ahh the fuse, the small wire filament that changes a large black screen into a functioning Smart TV. Our range is helping to keep electrical goods good and working.

Our portfolio of small electrical items ensure you have the best quality solutions for the job. We test all items to the highest possible standards to guarantee performance and safety in the toughest of conditions.

Included in the range are:
4 in 1 Universal Charger, USB Adaptor Plug, 13 Amp Plugs SRB, 13 Amp Plug Blister Pack, Adaptors SRB, Adaptor Blister Pack, Fuse Wire, Extension Leads 4 Way, Euro to UK Adaptor Plug, European Adaptor Plug, 13 Amp Fuses, 5 Amp Fuses, 3 Amp Fuses, 5 amp Consumer Fuse, 15 Amp Consumer Fuse & 30 Amp Consumer Fuse