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From DIY enthusiasts to scrap bookers and conference organisers, if something needs sticking we have what it takes to make sure it stays put.

For almost three decades our customers have stuck with us in the adhesives category, turning it into our best-selling product range. Underpinned by unbeatable quality, our glues, gums and tapes keep almost anything stuck the way you want it for as long as you want it.

These are high performance, carefully developed products that delivery strongly for any home or office environments.

Included in the range are:
Parcel Tape, Adhesive Tape – 25mm x 66m, Adhesive Tape – 19mm x 33m, Double Sided Tape 18mm x 10m, Tape & Dispenser,  PVC Tape Black,  PVC Tape Assorted, Super Glue Tubes, Super Glue Bottles, All Purpose Glue, Glue Stick, Super Tack, Masking Tape & Duct Tape 50mm x 25m