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Variety is at the heart of retail. Customers enjoy options, but for us that doesn’t mean stocking everything. We understand every inch of shelf-space is under pressure, no matter what size the shop or where it is based.



Variety is in our DNA and we work smartly to ensure our range works hard for retailers by analysing trends in each shop and tailoring our range towards specific demands.

In almost 30 years, we’ve branched out into 12 categories and supply a range of more than 300 unique items – all EU Safety tested and deliverable within 24 hours across Ireland. These include:


Brush up on your sales

Life’s too short for bad hair days, but who hasn’t been caught short without an emergency comb or scrunchy? Hair care is our top selling category across UK and Ireland.

RANGE INCLUDES: Brushes, Combs, Grips, Clips and Elastics


For a healthy business

Scuffed knees? Ragged nail? Eyebrow hair defiantly doing it’s own thing? We’ve got you covered.

RANGE INCLUDES: Plasters, Clippers & Nail Files


Trusted products for a smallest clients

Whoever said a pacifier is not an emergency item has obviously never had to mind deal with a teething child. Baby deserves best and our products are tested to the highest EU standards


Our products alway show up for a party...

If the party planning committee dropped the ball, we have the goods to get you through. All you need is the cake!

RANGE INCLUDES: Balloons, Candles, Partyware & lots more…


Stitch up your targets

A stitch in time saves nine they say, but our range of convenient sewing lifesavers have what it takes to save a lot more than that.

RANGE INCLUDES: Repair Kits, Thread, Pins, Buttons and much more…


Sharp and classy accessories

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RANGE INCLUDES: Chargers, Device Holders, Cables and Covers


Take a note of these hot sellers

For business, art or just staying in touch our range has just the thing for any pencil case or brief case.

RANGE INCLUDES: Pens, Pencils, Note Pads, Rulers and much more…


For sales that stick

From DIY enthusiasts to scrap bookers and conference organisers, if something needs sticking we have what it takes to make sure it stays put.

RANGE INCLUDES: A variety of different tapes and glues


Plug into our electrical range

Ahh the fuse, the small wire filament that changes a large black screen into a functioning Smart TV. Our range is helping to keep electrical goods good and working.

RANGE INCLUDES: Plugs, Fuses and Adaptors


Nail your sales in hardware

Do you put off the decorating or hanging that picture until they get time to visit the out of town superstore? If so we may have some good or bad news for you. Our products can have you hard at work in no time!

RANGE INCLUDES: Paint Brushes, Locks, Craft Knives, Mouse Traps , Hooks much more…


Mop up with our fantastic household products

From experience, wine with no bottle-opener or beans with no tin opener are no fun. Our simple household range means you can eat and drink when you plan to and even do the dishes afterwards.

RANGE INCLUDES: Clothes Pegs, Scissors, Dish Brushes and Can Openers


Cook up some profit

Getting busy in the kitchen means having the right tools for the job. Mashers, turners, cutters and peelers are all on the list, just remember the ice-cube tray too!

RANGE INCLUDES: Whisks, Peelers, Spoons, Mashers and Ladles


Watch your profits roll over

Go on, admit it, they’ve earned a treat! From the ever-popular dental sticks to ‘Lolly Pup’ chew toys we have something for that special canine.

RANGE INCLUDES: Toys, Clean-up Bags and Treats

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