About Us

Established in 1989, Capitol is dedicated to bringing you a carefully selected choice of non-food products across 12 categories. Chances are, you’ve already seen or used our distinctive green and red range in smart display stands located prominently near checkouts or in the strips that clip easily and neatly onto shop shelves.

We are a trusted brand of convenience products that make life easier for shoppers and boost sales for retailers.

In less than three decades, this family business has grown its product range to more than 5000 non-food items from our own brand products and trusted retail brands such as Bic, Pretty Polly and Minky.

We are proud to be a supplier of choice for more than 7,500 outlets across the Great Britain and Ireland.

Visibility, affordability and giving consumers peace of mind are all important to us. It’s why invested time and effort to carefully assemble an attractive and durable product range and developed the professional service that enables retailers to effectively target shopping habits in their area.

Our approach is unique in our market.